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Decision of the Director of Judicial Services concerning the organisation of the Monegasque prison and detention administration

Order of the Secretary of State for Justice, Director of Judicial Services n° 2020-20 of 9th September 2020 amending Order n° 2012-8 of 4th June 2012 setting the conditions for application of Sovereign Order n° 3.782 of 16th May 2012 on the organisation of prison administration and detention.

“In accordance with the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 96 of the aforementioned Sovereign Order 3.782 of 16 May 2012, sentenced detainees have the option, with the authorisation of the Prison Director, of telephoning for fifteen minutes a day at their own expense, using units purchased in a canteen. The same faculty applies to other persons detained with the express consent of the competent judicial authority.
An indigent detainee may be granted fifteen minutes per week with the authorisation of the competent judicial or administrative authority. ».

“The number of telephone numbers authorised per detained person shall be limited to ten”.

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