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Bill n°1074 on compensation for victims of sexual offences, crimes against children and domestic violence voted on 7 December 2023

This Act establishes a system enabling victims of offences to claim compensation from the State in the event of the offender’s insolvency. The offences concerned are set out exhaustively in article 2 of the Act.
The conditions governing access to this compensation are as follows:
 the award of damages by a final Monegasque decision for one of the offences listed in article 2;
 the absence of full payment of these damages and the costs of the proceedings awarded, by the person convicted;
 the victim must have first issued a summons to pay the convicted person.

The application for compensation must be sent to the Directeur des Services Judiciaires, who will rule on the admissibility of the application within 30 days of receipt.
This decision may be appealed to the Court of First Instance.
The payment of these allowances is effective after a period of 30 days following notification of a positive response by the Director of Judicial Services.
Any sums already paid by the convicted person are deducted from the sum awarded. If such payment is made after the Director of Judicial Services has made the payment, the Claimant must repay the sums paid twice. Failure to repay these sums is punishable by a fine of between EUR 18,000 and EUR 90,000.

Schemes designed to deceive the Director of Judicial Services in order to obtain or attempt to obtain compensation are punishable by imprisonment.

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