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Provisions for the gradual resuming of business post-COVID 19

Ministerial Decision of 12 June 2020 amending the Ministerial Decision…

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Social measures taken during the Covid 19 period – Act n°1.488

Act n°1.488 of May 11, 2020 prohibiting abusive dismissals, making…

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Provisions amending criminal penalties – Act n° 1.478

Act n° 1.478 of 12 November 2019 amending certain provisions…

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Provisions decriminalizing the abortion of a pregnant woman – Act n° 1.477

Act n° 1.477 of 11 November 2019 decriminalizing abortion for…

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Provisions relating to the protection of people – Act n° 1.474

Act n° 1.474 on the safeguarding of justice, the future…

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Provisions relating to weekly work breaks – Act n° 1.471

Act n° 1.471 amending act n° 822 of 23 June…

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