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Law n°1523 of May 16, 2022 related to the promotion and protection of women’s rights through the amendment and abrogation of obsolete and inegalitarian provisions.

First of all, as formulated by the reporter of the Commission of Women’s and Family Rights, Mrs. Brigitte BOCCONE-PAGES, there was “an updating of various normative references” with, in particular, “the removal of provisions relating to the former dowry regime or governing the capacity of the married woman“.

Furthermore, some paragraphs or complete articles were repealed, such as

  • The first paragraph of article 175 of the Civil Code, which made the obligation of support of sons-in-law and daughters-in-law cease “when the mother-in-law has married for a second time”;
  • Article 126 on the waiting period, which required a widow to wait three hundred and ten days after the death of her husband before she could remarry.

Finally, the above-mentioned report develops that the Law institutes “an adaptation of semantic referentials, leading in particular to the neutralization or bilateralization of certain gendered statements, based on conceptions that are now outdated, due to societal evolutions“.

Thus, within the various Codes, have been replaced the terms :

  • “father” by “author” (article 613 of the civil Code);
  • “to the son” by “to the child” and “the father” by “the father or the mother” (article 716 of the civil Code);
  • “husband” by “spouse” (article 2021 of the civil Code);
  • “his wife” by “his spouse” (article 393 of the Code of civil procedure).

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