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Decision establishing exceptional measures to combat the Covid-19 epidemic

Ministerial Decision of 8 September 2020 amending the Ministerial Decision of 28 April 2020 on the introduction of exceptional measures in the context of the gradual resumption of activities to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

Any gathering of more than 10 people on public roads and spaces is prohibited.
By way of derogation, events bringing together more than 10 people and respecting a maximum capacity of 5,000 people may be authorised from time to time as part of the organisation of an event or a singular event. However, in exceptional cases, a derogation may be made from this maximum capacity, after an analysis of the risk factors, in particular with regard to the general health situation and the measures implemented by the organiser in order to ensure compliance with the general measures set out in the appendix and to prevent the risks of propagation of the virus specific to the event. The corresponding request for authorisation must be submitted in advance to the competent services of the Administration, accompanied by a complete file including in particular the protocol of the sanitary measures envisaged.
Whatever the reason for travel, it must be carried out in compliance with the general preventive and hygiene measures designed to limit the spread of the virus.
People must therefore respect, at all times and in all places, a sanitary distance of one and a half metres (1.5 metres).
The wearing of masks is compulsory on urban public transport, taxis and large vehicles, it being specified that children under five years of age are not required to wear masks.
Masks must be worn on trains and on the platforms and galleries of the railway station, although children under five years of age are not required to wear masks.
Calls by foreign yachts with a home port outside Monaco are once again possible in the ports of Monaco.
Yachts with crew submit a medical declaration of health to the Maritime and Airport Police Division 48 hours before their stopover. All vessels wishing to call at Monaco comply with the health protocol decided by COVID 19.
The practice of nautical leisure activities is authorised.

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