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Sovereign Order 10.117 of 21 September 2023 amending Sovereign Order 3.573 of 11 May 1966 implementing Law 797 of 18 February 1966 on civil companies.

The list of documents to be provided when applying for entry in the special register has been expanded to include basic information about the company.

The special register of non-trading companies kept by the Trade and Industry Register Department has been supplemented in electronic form and will now contain :

a) an incoming register which lists, in chronological order, all applications for registration filed ;

b) individual files consisting of the application for registration supplemented by subsequent declarations and entries in the register;

c) an attached file containing the deeds and supporting documents, such as the company’s articles of association, administrative authorisation or approval, which must be filed in the special register pursuant to the provisions of this Order.

The law now requires non-trading companies and economic interest groupings to appoint a person responsible for basic information and beneficial ownership.


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